19 Incredibly Romantic Things to Do in Orlando

19 Incredibly Romantic Things to Do in Orlando

Soak in the Natural Springs

Look out the window as your flying into Orlando. You’ll see lakes dotting the countryside where springs pop out of the ground. These are the crystal-clear springs that inspired the legends of the fountain of youth, and today offer young and old alike a natural escape from the Orlando heat. These springs are like nothing you’ve seen before. The water is cool, crystal-clear, beautiful, and very romantic.

We have several suggestions for romantic getaways, each unique in their own right. Wekiva Island is the closest springs to Orlando, where you can rent a kayak and paddle to the springhead or visit their remarkable food trucks complete with a full bar for a spring side picnic.

Silver Springs are the only springs in the world with wild monkeys and manatees. A romantic day at Silver Springs could include either a kayak trip or a glass-bottom boat tour.

Rainbow River not only offers kayaking and tubing, but you can even take a freshwater drift dive as you scuba back to KP Hole Park. If you’re out at Rainbow River, be sure to stop in for riverside dining at Swampy’s, which is way more romantic than it sounds. If you are feeling especially adventurous, start your meal off with some gator bites. Remember, in Florida, you are far more likely to eat a gator than to be eaten by one.

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