5 Romantic Holiday Destinations For Couples

5 Romantic Holiday Destinations For Couples

Post Last Modified – May 16, 2020

Romantic Holiday Destinations For Couples Around The World

A look at just 5 very romantic and very popular holiday destinations for couples around the world. These are just a few of the world’s most loved romantic destinations to consider for your next couples only vacation. I’ve also included links to each of these destinations official tourism websites for your convenience. 🙂

A Few Very Romantic Holiday Destinations


Paris France

Perhaps one of the most romantic destinations in the world! Paris has been captivating couples from around the world for centuries.

This city continues to draw millions of couples enticing them with its romantic places and its own unique atmosphere. The very popular “bridge of lovers” is just an example of the lure of Paris for couples. It’s said that if you kiss under this bridge and make a wish for unending love, your wish will be come true! 🙂

How about a candle lit dinner in the park, just below the Eiffel Tower?

Some of Paris’ most romantic places include;

➡   Jar dins du Trocadero;
➡   Pont des Arts;
➡   Montmartre.

➡   Paris Visitors Bureau

Vienna Austria

Vienna is one of the most vibrant and attractive cities of the world. It’s a beautiful picturesque city and idyllic destination to consider for your romantic vacation. This glorious city boasts romance in the best way! Vienna offers a variety of romantic accommodations to suit most everyone’s travel budget. Combined with its perfect blend of nature, history and culture, it’s an ideal vacation destination!

During the times of winter, this Austrian piece of heaven gets even more beautiful. With its snow covered streets and outdoor activities to enjoy, Vienna is an excellent choice throughout the year.

Some of the cities major attractions include;

➡   Peterskirche;
➡   Belvedere;
➡   Schonbrunn Palace;
➡   Hofburg-the Imperial Palace.

➡   Vienna Now Forever

Venice Italy

The city of Venice is located in northeastern Italy on a grouping of 118 undersized islands. These tiny islands are separated by canals and inter-linked with bridges. Positioned in the marshy-Venetian lagoon that stretches along the shore between the mouths of Pave and Po rivers.

Venice is famous for its artworks, architecture and beautiful romantic setting. It is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Who can resist the world renowned gondola rides in the Grand Canal which makes this city most famous for. Nothing can be more romantic than taking a boat tour at sunset.

Romantic candlelight dinners alongside the canal and so much more, make this city magical!

A few popular attractions include;

➡   Palazzo Grassy;
➡   Doge’s Palace;
➡   St. Mark’s Square.

➡   Venice-Tourism

The Tropical Maldives

Photo by Ibrahim Asad from Pexels

With its fabulous weather year round, the Maldives is an ideal tropical paradise made for lovers. It’s stunning white sand beaches, palm trees and mesmerizing beauty, seduces couples and most certainly, guarantees romance.

The Maldives is without a doubt, one of the most romantic tropical destinations around the world for couples!

Some of Maldives’ top vacation sites include;

➡   Jumeirah Island;
➡   Naifaru Island;
➡   Fun Island;
➡   Bandos Island;
➡   Kurumathi Island.

➡   Maldives Ministry of Tourism

Santorini Greece

This is an island in the southern part of the Aegean Sea, about 200 km southeast from the mainland of Greece. It’s the largest island of the small and circular archipelago which bears the same name. It’s the southernmost member of the Cyclades collection of islands.

Some of the wonderful romantic places that are offered by this great island include uninhabited islands of;

➡   Christiana;
➡   Aspronisi;
➡   Palladia Khamenei;
➡   Nia Khamenei.

➡   Visit Greece

Safe and Healthy Travels! 🙂

Did You Know …

“Traveling allows the mind to expand and literally see the world in new and different ways.”


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