Best Beaches Of Goa India {To Visit}

Best Beaches Of Goa India {To Visit}

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India is a land I have yet to discover! With family members who have had the opportunity to travel throughout India, it is an experience like no other. Many people are unaware of the beautiful coastal region and its richest state of Goa.

With resorts for all budgets and  amazing beaches to discover, it continues to thrive each and every year with tourists and locals alike. Below, is a short list of some of the Best Beaches Of Goa India to visit, giving you an idea of what this region has to offer.


Uncovering The Best Beaches Of Goa India

Goa is a beautiful coastal state situated on the west coast of India. This state is a perfect tourist destination for everyone. If you are party animal, there is no place better than Goa and if you love beaches and would like to sip on your martini while you get a tan, there is actually no place better than Goa.

Frequented by national and international tourists, this state has a numerous number of beaches which are all equally good.

Here we have listed top 5 best beaches from each sections of the state; namely, North Goa, Central Goa and South Goa. First, check out this short video below on 12 Best Beaches In Goa For Foreigners.

12 Best Beaches In Goa – YouTube Video



Top 5 Best Beaches Of North Goa

Candolim Beach

Best Beaches Of Goa India #1

This beach is 13 km from the city of Panaji and is one of the longest beaches of Goa. The atmosphere here is quite laid back usually but it gets all hip and happening in the month of December every year because of the annual Sunburn Festival.

If you are a music lover, you have to attend this festival, when musicians and music lovers from all over the world come together to rock and roll.

Other main attractions of the beach is the Aguda Fort which overlooks the Arabian Sea.

Calungate Beach

Best Beaches Of Goa India #2

Calungate beach is one of the most popular beaches in Goa and is 16 km from Panaji. This is always very crowded because of its popularity but this beach is very beautiful and has a place for everyone.

When here, you can expect to have a wild time with all the water sports options and awesome seafood that will make your taste buds happy.

Also, the markets here are full of take away goodies, so you can shop to your heart’s delight.

Don’t  forget to bargain, heavily!

Baga Beach

Best Beaches Of Goa India #3

Located 19 km outside of Panaji, Baga Beach is a very picturesque and popular beach of the state.

It is considered as one of the most happening places in Goa because of all the party options you have here. There is loads of food, excellent accommodation and water sports to try as well.

If you are looking for a destination where you can party till you drop, Baga Beach is your place.

Anjuna Beach

Best Beaches Of Goa India #4

Anjuna beach is very popular with foreigners who visit Goa. This beach is quite peaceful but provides ample party options as well. The food in the joints here are simply lip smacking and the cuisines serve all the nationalities.

If you are looking for some tasty food with a chilled beer and lovely music, get to Anjuna beach and enjoy. This beach is 21 km away from Panaji.

Sinquerim Beach

Best Beaches Of Goa India #5

This beach is 13 km away from Panaji and this is one of the popular beaches of this serene state. It is a small beach but it is a complete tourist spot in itself.

Here you can expect to land up on a very clean and pristine beach which has loads of fun options like, water sports, dolphin spotting, awesome food and some five star experiences at Taj Vivanta and Taj Holiday.

Top 5 Best Beaches Of Central Goa

Miramar Beach

Best Beaches Of Goa India #6

Situated just 3 km away from Panaji, this beach is quite popular with locals as well as tourists. It is obviously a crowded beach but it is also very clean and welcoming.

The main attractions here are local restaurants, street shops and nearby local areas.

Siridao Beach

Best Beaches Of Goa India #7

Siridao beach is 12 km away from Panaji and is a very rocky and sandy beach. It is a paradise for shell collectors and peace seekers. The main attraction of Siridao beach is the Chapel of Jesus Nazareth.

Cansaulim Beach

Best Beaches Of Goa India #8

This beach is a perfect honeymoon destination with its beautiful and secluded beaches. Situated 25 km north of Margoa, all you will find at Cansaulim beach is beautiful white sand with a loads of fun moments.

Majorda Beach

Best Beaches Of Goa India #9

Majorda beach is one of the best destinations if you are looking to have some relaxed time. This beach is not crowded and ideal for swimming.

Also, you will find some excellent food and party options like Goa Christmas Carnival. It is 11 km from Margoa.

Bogmalo Beach

Best Beaches Of Goa India #10

Bogmalo beach is located 14 km south of Panaji and makes for a perfect vacation spot. This beach is very clean and fit for swimming and has the famous Goa Diving Institute if you like Diving.

Bogmola Beach is also a good spot for street shopping.

Top 5 Best Beaches of South Goa

Colva Beach

Best Beaches Of Goa India #11

Colva beach is the perfect setting for a romantic date. This is one of the popular beaches of South Goa and it is the home for some amazing seafood and a happening nightlife.

Our Lady of Mercy Church is also located here.

Agonda Beach

Best Beaches Of Goa India #12

Agonda Beach is the perfect place to visit if you are planning to have some relaxation. Apart from relaxation, here you can also try swimming, eating and just getting tanned.

This beach is 37 km from Margoa.

Butterfly Beach

Best Beaches Of Goa India #13

This beach is an under explored beach of Goa and hence, is quite secluded and peaceful. The only way to reach here is to take a boat from Palolem beach or Agonda beach.

This is a good place to spot dolphins, fishes, and the main attraction of this beach is beautiful butterflies.

Palolem Beach

Best Beaches Of Goa India #14

Palolem beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in India. It has pristine white sand, which will steal your heart instantly. Added to it, this beach is having some palm groves, a few beach shacks and you can have the perfect holiday destination.

It is 38 km from Margoa.

Polem Beach

Best Beaches Of Goa India #15

This beach is located on the southern tip of Goa. It is a peaceful beach with white sands, pristine water and is an ideal spot to watch dolphins and migratory birds. It is 60 km away from Margoa.

The 15 beaches mentioned in this list are just a few of the best options available in Goa. It has loads to offer when it comes to vacationing. Beaches are definitely Goa’s main attraction for tourists. As well, this area once a Portuguese colony, has some amazing architecture to discover in the surrounding area.

So, next time if you are planning to have a vacation in Goa, be sure to get an Indian Visa and book those tickets to the beautiful Indian state of Goa!

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We enjoyed a wonderful experience traveling throughout India for 7 weeks. I particularly enjoying relaxing in South Goa on Colva and Palolem Beaches!

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