Japan Airlines Business Class Flight [Review]

Japan Airlines Business Class Flight [Review]

Post Last Modified – April 17, 2020

Japan Airlines Business Class Review – Vancouver to Tokyo 767

On our recent vacation, we had the pleasure of flying with and in Japan Airlines Business Class. This certainly was a special treat for us, enjoying this luxurious type of air travel.

As a retired blue collar employee, being able to afford such travel is out of the question. But having used frequent flyer credit cards for years, it made this journey possible. Below is our Japan Airlines Business Class Review and experience.

Air travel in style and luxury with JAL.

Japan Airlines (JAL) Vancouver to Tokyo – Business Class 767-300

The first leg of our journey had us departing from Vancouver, BC Canada (YVR) to Tokyo, Japan (NRT). Our final destination flying with this airline would be Singapore.

Upon arriving at Vancouver International Airport, we made our way to the JAL check in counter. 

Of course, there was a special line for Business Class passengers. The Economy Class line was extremely long at this point and we just breezed right through. What a treat, compared to what we are normally used to, usually flying economy!

As an added note, we have had the pleasure of flying Premium Economy Class on a few flights over the years. This class is definitely worth paying the extra money for on long haul flights, or even using your credit card bonus miles for. Well worth it!

What I was also impressed with when checking in, is the agent handed us a neat little map showing us the way to their Business Class Lounge. The ticket agent was very courteous in telling us to have a wonderful flight, and to be sure to enjoy their lounge before departure.

The Plaza Premium Lounge – Vancouver International Airport

Japan Airlines Business Class Passengers

Luckily, we cleared through airport security screening in no time. As NEXUS Customs Pre-Screening Card Holders, using their special security clearance line is great. We then made our way to the JAL Plaza Premium Lounge.

I made sure to arrive at the airport well in advance, so we could enjoy this special treatment included with flying business class!

After being warmly greeted and checking in to the lounge, we found some comfortable seats to sit back and relax. Time to grab a cup of coffee and enjoy their complimentary breakfast buffet.

What a nice selection of items to choose from in their buffet, making for a complete full breakfast!

Afterwards, I sampled some of their Specialty Local Craft Beer from the bar. What a special way to start our long haul business class flight to Tokyo! 🙂

Japan Airlines Business Class Flight To Tokyo – Narita International Airport (NRT) 

Our first flight would be about 10 hours and 30 minutes in length, and this was the first time I was actually looking forward to a long flight. What a difference flying Business Class can make!

After arriving at the boarding gate and after pre-boarding announcements, we were one of the first to board the aircraft.

Our flight attendant greeted us at the door, and directed us to our reserved seats. When you arrive at your seat, you will find …

Pillow, Blanket, Slippers, Noise Cancelling Headphones, Vanity Kit, Bottled Water and In Flight Menu

Our seat could fully recline to a bed by remote control. We also had our own large television screen for viewing.

After take off, we were introduced and warmly greeted by our flight attendant, and the flight’s senior attendant on board came by to say hi and introduce herself. We were then asked if we would like a beverage, along with a snack to start off.

Not going to say no to that on this flight! 🙂

Taking Off From Vancouver International Airport

We were wined, dined and offered snacks at any time we wished throughout the flight. You definitely do not go hungry flying with Japan Airlines. For main meals, you have a choice of choosing from their Japanese or Western Menu.

Below, is a sample of what our menu choices were, and what you can expect for your gourmet entrees flying Japan Airlines Business Class.

Dinner On Board JAL Flight From Vancouver to Tokyo

Starter – Japanese Menu

Radish & Carrot Julienne in Vinegar Sauce Simmerd Clam | Beef Roll with Burdock & Carrot | Sweet – simmered Chestnut Paste with Sweet Black Beans | Tuna ‘Sashimi’ with Egg Yolk Vinegar | Sliced Duck Breast, Simmered Taro, Simmered Shrimp, Fish Cake, Herring Roe on Kelp

Main Entree – Choices

Simmered Beef Sukiyaki Style or Grilled Salmon “Yu-an” Style
Steamed Rice | Miso Soup | Japanese Pickles


Lemon Mousse Cake

Coffee / Tea

Enjoy selected wines from around the world when flying JAL Business Class. Spirits and Specialty Beers, as well as a variety of non-alcoholic beverages to choose from.

Anytime Snacks

Cheese – Fruits – Chocolate – JAL Original Snack Noodle

Prior to Arrival in Tokyo

Western Menu

Ham & Cheese Frittata – Croissant – Yogurt – Fresh Fruits – Tea/Coffee

This part of our journey was excellent, arriving in Tokyo well fed and rested. What a complete opposite from traveling in Economy class!

Japan Airlines staff from the ticket agents, lounge personnel to our flight attendants, all were extremely friendly and helpful. Our flight attendants could not have done enough for you during the entire length of the flight.

Business Class …. “The Only Way To Fly!”

Japan Airlines Business Class Flight – Tokyo to Singapore 777- 200

Flight To Singapore Changi Airport (SIN)

We arrived in Tokyo at about 4:30pm local time, and our next flight on to Singapore departed at 6:00pm. So unfortunately, we didn’t get the opportunity to experience JAL’s Business Class Lounge in Tokyo, because of our short layover.

Arriving in Tokyo, we slowly made our way to our next departure gate. The gate where we were departing to was under construction at the time. So not much to see other than watch some Sumo Wrestling on television at our boarding gate. 🙂

Review – JAL Business Class – Tokyo to Singapore

With priority boarding, once again we were warmly greeted by staff at the departure gate and upon boarding the aircraft. We were directed to our seats and immediately noticed a big difference in the size of the seat from the previous flight.

This plane definitely looked much newer than the previous, with much wider and more comfortable seats. On this flight, our seats were in the middle and beside one another. The seats were also angled inward, giving much more privacy from the first flight we were on.

Again, waiting for us on our seat, were the same amenities as before.

Pillow, Blanket, Slippers, Noise Cancelling Headphones, Vanity Kit, Bottled Water and In Flight Menu

Once settled in and airborne for this roughly 6 hour flight, again we were greeted by our flight attendant, offered a cocktail and a snack to start off. The senior flight attendant also came by to introduce herself to us.

This made you really feel special and almost VIP like. 🙂

Dinner was served very shortly after takeoff and after enjoying our Happy Hour Cocktail, because of the later time of day. Once again, the menu gave you a choice of Japanese or Western entrees to choose from.

Dinner On Board JAL Flight From Tokyo to Singapore

Starter – Western Menu

Spinach & Bacon Quiche | Sour Cream Chicken & Celery Salad | Truffle Croquette | Broccoli & Cauliflower dressed with Light Brown Miso Sauce

Main  Entree – Choices

Roasted “Wagyu” Beef Sirloin or Olive Flounder, Common Orient Clam

Special Bread from MAISON KAYSER – Petite Riviera | Apple & Sweet Potato Bread


Crispy Cream Puff filled with Bitter Chocolate Cream & Yuzu Confit

Coffee / Tea

As well, select wines from around the world as that of our first flight, spirits and speciality beers, as well as a variety of non-alcoholic beverages to choose from.

Another fabulous meal on board this flight, with outstanding service throughout. After the meal and the long day we’ve had, it was time to relax, and watch a movie.

Afterwards, we went into full recline mode for a nice nap before arriving in Tokyo. Wow, was it ever nice to lay flat and have a restful nap on a flight. Something we had never experienced before!

On our arrival to Singapore, our baggage was delivered to the carousel before economy class baggage, as expected. Both flights were on time, and smooth all the way.

Japan Airlines Business Class Flight – Recommendations:

2 Excellent flight experiences with Japan Airlines Business Class.

I can’t imagine what First Class would be like after this. JAL staff from the ticket agents, flight attendants and more, were exceptional.

We are spoiled forever!

I’ve always said to my readers, if you love to travel and you use a credit card at home, why not choose one that offers travel incentives. We have used the Alaska Airlines Mastercard for years now. We have always had excellent flights with Alaska over the years. 

A big bonus is they also have numerous Airline partners to use your miles with.

In fact, these flights were booked with our Alaska Airlines credit card miles earned. It took a number of years to build up the miles but hey, there was gold at the end of the rainbow! We enjoyed 2 wonderful International Business Class flights with Japan Airlines.

In Canada, we also use a Westjet World Elite Travel Mastercard, gaining points for that airline and a number of other incentives as well, linked with the card.

Below, I have added a link to Japan Airlines Official website page on their Business Class Experience for your convenience. It’s filled with much more detailed information on flying in this class of service.

➡   Japan Airlines Business Class

Safe and Healthy Travels! 🙂

Did You Know …

“The first internet and online check-in was introduced by Alaska Airlines back in 1999.”

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