Las Vegas Motor Speedway {NASCAR Race Events}

Las Vegas Motor Speedway {NASCAR Race Events}

Post Last Modified – October 19, 2020

Exciting NASCAR Racing At Las Vegas Motor Speedway

If your travel plans include a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada then why not try and catch one of the thrilling Special Events at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.  Our family have many times over the years, and the experience has been great each time!

We pack up our Recreational Vehicle and head to Vegas specifically to see a live auto race event every chance we get. There’s nothing more thrilling than the sites, sounds and smells of NASCAR Racing!

There are numerous events throughout the year at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Check out this cool amateur video on Vegas and the premier NASCAR races.

NASCAR Commercial For Las Vegas – YouTube Video


The Speedway facility officially opened in June 1996.  We were lucky enough to attend the inaugural Winston Cup stock car race event. This is the premier series in NASCAR racing, now known as the NASCAR Cup Series.

The facility is quite impressive and located just a few miles to the north east of the famous Las Vegas Strip.

This amazing facility consists of …

 A 1.5 mile Superspeedway; A 3/8-mile paved oval known as ” The Bullring; “ Road courses; A first class drag strip hosting major NHRA sanctioned events; Souvenir Retail Store.
and so much more!

A Closer Look At The Las Vegas Motor Speedway

The Las Vegas Motor Speedway Map

This gorgeous facility stretches out over 1100 acres offering some of the best race action in the Nation. The racing on their Super Speedway has been improved dramatically over the years, since the inaugural race years ago.

They have increased the tracks banking from 12 degrees to 20 degrees in the turns, making for much more exciting live race action!

Night Racing Under The Lights

This photo was taken by me a few years ago just before sunset!

 As you can see from the photos, the track is located just outside the City.  It’s in a perfect setting with picturesque views of the hills and countryside.

Watching the races is spectacular under the lights of Las Vegas Motor Speedway!

Night racing has become very popular in recent years making the racing more exciting for the fans.  Even the race car drivers prefer night time racing as well, especially in parts of the country where heat is a concern for both the drivers and fans in the grandstands.

Enjoying a Night Race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway

I definitely recommend taking the whole family to an exciting evening race event at the track.  One of our favorite events is the NASCAR Truck Series races held in the evening under the lights at Las Vegas Speedway.

If you’re interested in attending one of the many events held here and experiencing the thrill firsthand, be sure to visit the tracks Official website listed below for your convenience.

➡   Las Vegas Motor Speedway 

Their website is chocked full of excellent up to date information, making searching for events, tickets and track related information, a breeze! 😀

Las Vegas Motor Speedway Seating Chart

Above is a map giving you an idea of where the grandstands are situated around the race track.

As well, another thing I like to do is sign up for each of my favorite race tracks email newsletters.  These newsletters are always filled with excellent up to date event event information, tickets sales, race news and much more.

Las Vegas Motor Speedway Grandstands

If you are planning on taking your Recreational Vehicle, you can stay right at the track, although expensive limited spaces track side. There are also a number of surrounding RV parks in the Las Vegas area to choose from, as we do!

Check out the tracks website for more information on camping their services.

Race Action All Year At Las Vegas Motor Speedway

A NASCAR Truck Hauler Parade!

Pictured above are  NASCAR haulers parading down the Las Vegas Strip a number of  years back on February 25, 2010.  This is just part of the spectacle and fanfare expected during NASCAR race weekends in Las Vegas!

Safe Travels and See You at the Track! 😉

Be sure to check out my most recent post on our exciting day at the NHRA Drag Races also held at Las Vegas Speedway. What a thrilling day we spent at the race track watching this incredible event!



If you’re looking for some real excitement, then check out my NASCAR Driving Experience Video.  Our family enjoyed a ride a long experience with a professional race car driver, and I actually got to drive a real high powered NASCAR race car! 🙂



It was a thrill of a lifetime and I can’t wait to return a do it again.  As you can see, there’s all kinds of racing held at this beautiful facility in the Nevada desert!

Safe and Healthy Travels! 🙂

Did You Know …

“When observed from outer space, the Las Vegas Strip is the brightest place on Earth.”

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