NASCAR Truck Series Racing – Gander Outdoors

NASCAR Truck Series Racing – Gander Outdoors

Post Last Modified – April 22, 2020

The NASCAR Truck Series – Gander Outdoors Series Racing

Are you and your family thinking of attending a NASCAR race event but not sure which one to choose?  It can be difficult with the number of events held each year and different types of series involved in racing. Well take it from me, as a huge race fan you simply cannot beat the excitement of a truck series stock car race!

The truck series races are exciting and provide great entertainment for the entire family. These are excellent races to attend and also are light on the pocket book as well, helping to keep within your holiday budget. I’ve been a truck series fan since its first official series began back in 1995.

Below is a short video I have put together way back in 2011 showing the sights and sounds of a NASCAR Truck Series Event my wife and I attended held at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. It’s old, but it offers a look at the speedway and the excitement of racing! 🙂

Don’t forget to turn your speaker up!!

As you can see from the video, the crowds are huge, the engines roar and the race is entertaining to say the least!

A Brief History Of The NASCAR Truck Series Racing

The truck series began officially in 1995 and sanctioned by the …

National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing 

It became the third National division of NASCAR’s top series premier leagues and quickly became popular among fans and with drivers and owners themselves. One of the main reasons is that the division was created to make it more affordable for both fans to watch and drivers and owners to become involved without the enormous expense of the top 2 leagues.

The Truck Series was initially sponsored by Craftsman and then with Camping World taking over the main sponsorship a few years later. For 2019, the series is proud to announce a new major sponsor, known as GANDER Outdoors!

Today, the 3 Premier series in NASCAR are known as:

➡   The Monster Energy Cup Series
➡   The NASCAR Xfinity Series
➡   The GANDER Outdoors Truck Series

As you can see, by looking at the major sponsors involved in the Top 3 Premier Leagues, NASCAR racing has become extremely popular in North America today. It’s not uncommon to see 200,000 fans attending a typical race event.



These NASCAR Trucks Are Actually Real Race Cars

You may be thinking that the truck series really doesn’t compare to the race cars you see on television or anywhere else in the world. Well don’t be fooled by what you see, these are high powered race cars with a fiberglass pickup truck style shells, which I think and so do thousands of other fans, are very very cool!

With up to 700 horsepower these trucks haul the mail around some of the race tracks they perform at during the season. As like the cars in the other NASCAR series events, these trucks can get close to 200 mph on race tracks as …

Daytona Speedway and Talladega Super Speedway! 

The thrill and excitement of watching 36 trucks side by side and inches apart from one another is like no other you will ever experience live in person!

Veteran And Rookie Drivers Compete In The Truck Series

What makes this league so entertaining is the mixture of race car drivers in the series making for some incredibly exciting races. Well-seasoned veterans from other premier racing leagues and divisions racing side by side with our upcoming young race drivers and future starts of racing.

Put them all together in a big pack and you’ve got some thrilling stock car racing!

Some of the best Nascar stock car drivers in the world are now team owners in the Nascar truck series and many times throughout the season you will find them behind the wheel racing in the ‘Camping World Truck Series’ events held across the U. S. of A. At these truck series events, you can see some of the biggest Nascar stars driving these trucks around some of the greatest tracks in the country.

Such Premier Nascar series stars as …

Kevin Harvick … Kyle Busch … Kasey Kahne … Denny Hamlin
and many more!

Pretty exciting stuff to watch and for very reasonable prices as well!


Trucks Compete At Great Race Tracks In The USA

This series means business and has become more popular as each year passes. You and your family can travel to some beautiful race facilities across the nation in the United States to watch The ruck Series Races.  Such great tracks as:

➡   Daytona International Speedway  … (Daytona Beach, Florida)
➡   Las Vegas Motor Speedway … (Las Vegas, Nevada)
➡   Texas Motor Speedway … (Fort Worth, Texas)
➡   ISM Raceway … (Phoenix, Arizona)
➡   Kentucky Speedway … (Sparta, Kentucky)

These are just 5 of the 18 tracks the truck series races at during the season running from February to November each year. For a complete track list and schedule of race dates, be sure to NASCAR’s official website at …


Enjoying an afternoon practice session at Las Vegas Motor Speedway and walking in the Driver’s Garage Area.

Truck Series Racing Made Affordable For Everyone

Perhaps the greatest thing about the truck series division is that NASCAR and the affiliated race tracks have made the events affordable for most everyone. Fans and team owners a like making it a true  family friendly sporting event to attend.

With a little planning ahead, you can turn a Truck series event into a wonderful family weekend get a way and one that is easily affordable for those on the tightest of budgets.

Nascar Racing at Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Over the years, we’ve enjoyed camping holidays combined with attending truck series events, making for some great vacations.  You can set up camp right at the race track, with some excellent facilities set up for your convenience.  We’ve always like attending NASCAR Premium Race events and camping at Phoenix International Raceway. 

The race track is now known as ISM Raceway. The facilities the track sets up for campers is outstanding. From full grocery outlets on site, hot showers and much more!

If you may be worried about attending a race event and not being a true race fan, well don’t!  This is something the entire family will enjoy whether a race fan or not. Like any sport or other form of entertainment, attending a major sports event in person is always exciting, and nothing like watching on television.

I recently attended a NFL { National Football League } game with family members for the very first time.

I am one who never watches a football game, but found attending the live event was extremely exciting. When you experience a live NASCAR truck series race for the first time, you will be amazed. The sites and sounds of 36 race trucks roaring by you for the first time is awesome!  The excitement of the fans, the smell of the concession food cooking and so much more, make for an unforgettable day with your family. 🙂

You will find entertainment galore both before and after the races to keep you busy.

Live entertainment, television broadcasts, games, displays, souvenir trailers and more make for a great day!

Take from me, I know you and your family will enjoy a NASCAR truck series event.  This is and always has been my favorite race series to watch both live and on television since its inception in 1995.

See you at the track!

Safe and Healthy Travels! 🙂



Did You Know …
“Many of the early racing drivers were involved in bootlegging activities (illegally transporting alcohol). They would modify their cars to run faster and be more maneuverable.”


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