Our Baja Mexico RV Caravan Tour – Week 1

Our Baja Mexico RV Caravan Tour – Week 1

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Our Baja Amigos 28 Day RV Caravan Tour

Taking a camping journey down the Baja California in Mexico is something I had wanted to do for many years, and this past February my wife and I finally made this happen by joining a Baja Mexico RV Caravan Tour.  This was our first major driving trip with our recreational vehicle into Mexico and we definitely wanted to have the company and experience of well – seasoned travelers into this country for this trip.

We selected the Baja Amigos 28 Day RV Caravan Tour for this adventure!

Experience A Baja Mexico RV Caravan Tour

We selected Baja Amigos above their competitors for a number of very important reasons.  For example;

Length of Tour & Month Selection

Experienced & Knowledgeable Wagon Masters

Solid Business Reputation

Small Group Caravans Only

Stay Over Option

And much more!

If you’ve been thinking of taking a camping adventure down the Baja but are still a little hesitant for a number of reasons, hopefully these next articles of mine about our journey will help you decide one way or another.  My wife and I had a wonderful trip, met some great travel companions, took part in some amazing excursions on the way and saw some absolutely spectacular scenery as well!

Baja Mexico Camping Tour Week One

Below is a diary of our camping adventure starting with our first week.  This will be the first of 4 articles highlighting places visited, camping locations, and special excursions taken along the way that we experienced with Baja Amigos and their Baja Mexico RV Caravan Tours.

Be sure to bookmark this article for future reference and return to read my upcoming articles on our 28 day tour!

Day 0 – Potrero California

This was the rendezvous point for the group just north of the border crossing at Tecate Mexico.  Located about 65 miles east of San Diego, this County Park was the perfect spot to gather after our long journey south from Canada.

Potrero is a beautiful and peaceful 115 acre park surrounded by Oak trees and rolling hills.

Potrero Regional Park & Campground


With everyone in our group arriving at least the night before to relax after traveling from various destinations, the next morning we gathered for a meet and greet, boarded our wagon master’s passenger tour van and made our way to the border to get everyone’s Mexican Tourist Permits.

A very easy and simple process if you know what you’re doing.  Just one of many reasons to select a guided tour for your first trip into Mexico!

Meet & Greet Reception

Later in the day, our wagon masters hosted a Rendezvous Reception giving everyone a chance to meet and greet.   This was a perfect location to begin our journey, to meet our wagon masters (Dan & Lisa) and our fellow travelers before heading across the Mexican border the next day.

Day 1 – Punta Banda Baja Mexico

Our first day on the road!  We were all up early and eager to cross the border into Mexico.  We left the park by 8 am to beat the traffic at the Border Crossing.  As anticipated by our leaders, the border was quiet in the morning and traveling as a caravan, the crossing was quick and easy.  The customs agents were very friendly and with everything in order, we all passed thru quickly. 🙂

From the border town of Tecate (where the beer is made), we proceeded on our 115 mile / 185 k journey south with a brief stop at the city of Ensenada on the Pacific Ocean.  Here we stocked up with groceries, ATM’s for cash and lunch.  Costco is located here and just across the way was a large grocery store.

Ensenada is the 3rd largest city in Baja California with a population close to 500,000.

Ensenada Mexico

The city is a major commercial and fishing port, as well as a stop for Cruise Ships.

Today was overcast with showers and a little breezy, the only poor day on the entire trip. The scenery was lovely, passing along lush hills, huge rock formations, agriculture sections (fruits/vegetable fields), and then into many vineyards.

Ensenada is in the heart of wine country producing some of the best wines in all of Mexico!

Spectacular Coastal Scenery in Punta Banda

Our early afternoon and overnight stop was in Punta Banda, a scenic peninsula and beach.  Our beachfront campground was rustic in nature, but with power, water and clean restrooms.

Beachfront Camping in Punta Banda


After getting settled, we boarded the tour van for a short trip to the “Blow Hole.”  A scenic coastal destination complete with a Huge Vendor Market for souvenir shopping, eating and much more.

The Amazing Blow Hole or La Bufadora

A great place to buy Vanilla and Mexican Pull Over Sweaters, Blankets and more!  The sun even reappeared just in time for this excursion!

Great Shopping!

Without the knowledge of our Wagon Masters, we would have never known about this great stopover!

The Punta Banda Peninsula

Day 1 was a nice easy drive, stocking up on groceries and pesos and spending a relaxing afternoon getting more acquainted with our travel companions on our Baja Amigos hosted excursion.

Day 2  – Lazaro Cardenas

Picturesque Sand Dunes and Beach at Lazaro Cardenas

Departing at 08:30, we carried on for 130 miles / 210 k passing through a number of small communities, eventually making our first beach front dry camping stopover in Lazaro Cardenas.

Located on the Pacific Ocean, although still cool and breezy, this was a great beach for walking the dog, enjoying the view and gathering for a supper time campfire and hot dog roast, again hosted by our wagon masters!

The day was a mix of sun and clouds, cool and windy, but again a very scenic drive with mountain regions, agricultural (strawberry fields), vineyards and farming towns.

Day 3 – Catavina Baja Mexico

Today, we are departing at 08:30, 106 miles / 171k to the small inland desert town of Catavina.  Our drive takes us through beautiful stretches of rolling hills and valleys, desert with a variety of cactus, and the spectacular Boulders of Catavina.

Sunny skies have returned with very comfortable temperatures for traveling and enjoying the outdoors in the afternoon.  After our easy morning drive, we arrive at a local Ranch where we set camp for the night in their park area with plenty of space for everyone!

Surrounded by rounded boulders and hills, there’s an amazing easy walking trail at the ranch to take a scenic stroll.


Catavina Historic Cave Paintings

In the early afternoon, we board our tour van for a short walking excursion to the historic Cave Paintings site close by.  Dan takes us on a guided informative walk passing by amazing cave paintings and pictographs created over 7000 years ago by early indigenous people of the region.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed this excursion in this beautiful part of the Baja!

One other enjoyable feature of this ranch is their authentic personal Mexican restaurant on site, where we all enjoyed an excellent dinner together, getting a chance to socialize more as a group!

A nice easy relaxing day driving, a great afternoon excursion, a wonderful authentic Mexican meal and a chance to camp in the peace and serenity out in the Country under the bright stars of the Baja!

Day 4 – Guerrero Negro Baja Mexico

Leaving our campground at 08:30, today we drive a little further to the City of Guerrero Negro on the Pacific side of the Baja.  This is a major salt producing city, exporting salt worldwide.  As well, this area is famous for viewing Grey Whales in Scammon’s Lagoon.

Our drive today takes us through mostly desert landscape as we leave the enormous rock formations of Catavina and region.

We arrive at our full facility RV Park in the afternoon, get a chance to relax, enjoy a wonderful seafood dinner at the parks very popular restaurant and get ready for what has to be one of the most exciting optional excursions the next morning … Gray Whale Watching Tour!

Outstanding Seafood Platter Dinner!

Excursion – Morning Whale Watching Tour

Heading Out to View the Gray Whales

My wife and I have been on a number of whale watching tours on the west coast of Canada, but this without a doubt, was the best of all!  We really did get up close and personal with these enormous creatures of the deep.

Up Close and Personal With a Young Gray Whale

Everyone enjoyed this excursion and was without a doubt, one of the major highlights of our entire Baja journey!

Everyone seemed to enjoy a nice evening relaxing and dining with the group and taking the fabulous whale watching tour the next morning before heading on to our next destination in the early afternoon.

Day 5 – San Ignacio Baja Mexico

After the wonderful whale watching experience, it was on to the small inland city of San Ignacio. A community surrounded by beautiful Date Palm trees.  An easy drive in the desert where we arrive at our full facility campground, complete with another authentic Mexican restaurant for all to enjoy at dinner time!


San Ignacio Historic Church and Town Plaza

After getting settled in our campground, we boarded our tour van for a short jaunt into the town center for a stroll around the plaza and historic church.  A lovely sunny afternoon, where many of us purchased homemade baking (date bread, etc.) and enjoyed ice cream while sitting around the quaint plaza area watching the locals go about their day.

A nice easy afternoon, enjoying the sun, local scenery and dinner where some of the best Margaritas on the Baja could be enjoyed by many in the group, including us!

Day 6 and 7 – Playa Santispac Baja Mexico

Today we make our way 96 miles / 155 k to Bahia Concepcion and along the Sea of Cortez.  This is a very popular Snowbird beach destination with 12 different beach campsites to choose from.  Our drive takes us through the City of Mulege where we will be staying on our journey back north.

This scenic drive takes us along rolling hills with beautiful desert cactus and spectacular ocean views of the Bahia Concepcion.

Here we will be parked on the beach dry camping for 2 nights.  A beautiful spot to enjoy the water, sun and beach!  There’s plenty of beach to walk on and enjoy kayaking, paddle boarding and swimming.  The water was crystal clear and cool, but a few of us managed a quick refreshing dip!

There are 2 beach front restaurants as well to enjoy for those not wanting to cook.

A Great Potluck Dinner & Campfire on the Beach!

Days were sunny and hot, with cool evenings for comfortable sleeping.  Everyone seemed to enjoy their time at the beach and where we all gathered for one of our great potluck gatherings and Beach Campfire at supper time!

With our first week complete, time seems to be going too quickly with all the activities and excursions Baja Amigos offers on their tours.  Be sure to return for our continuing weeks on this exciting tour down the Baja.

For more detailed information on tours offered by Baja Amigos, I have listed a link to their official website below for your convenience.

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I’ve also included the Official Baja California Tourism website link below for your convenience, to show you what Baja Mexico really has to offer!

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Safe and Healthy Travels! 🙂

Although our tour was in collaboration with Baja Amigos RV Caravan Tours, rest assured all content and opinions are that of the author and reflect my personal experience only.
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