Randolph Collier Rest Area [Yreka California]

Randolph Collier Rest Area [Yreka California]

Post Last Modified – May 31, 2020

Randolph Collier Rest Area Off Interstate 5 in California State

Situated approximately 10 miles south of the Oregon State border off Interstate 5, this is perhaps one of the prettiest roadside rest stops we have ever come across in our road travels in the United States. It’s called the Randolph Collier Rest Area and is appropriately named after a California State Senator for the Second District from 1939 to 1966.

So much so, it was definitely worth taking a few pictures of and posting this article to share with you.  For those following along on our Journey to Mexico, this was a Brief Stop on the third day of an 1800 mile venture south in our Recreational Vehicle.

Making frequent stops in Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona and Mexico!

I am putting together a number of articles along with our personal photos and videos of our long journey south into Mexico for your enjoyment. As well, I’ll be providing some helpful travel tips and suggestions that may come in handy for you or others you may know that may be also be traveling down south at some point in time.

California Welcome Center

Complete with a wonderful California State Welcome Center, this is definitely a must stop when traveling in either direction on the I-5. Especially so if you have pets that need walking as well during your stop.

The Klamath River runs adjacent to the rest area with picnic tables and lovely trees dotting the park making this a perfect rest stop, especially so on those warm summer days!  A year round stop, where you can gather maps, information on California attractions, accommodations and so much more!

Randolph Collier Rest Area and Welcome Center

A nice Welcome to the State of California for those traveling south!


“This rest area is top notch because you can access it from either northbound or southbound I-5.  The restrooms are clean, and the visitor center was very nice… The center employees were chatting it up with their customers.”

“This lovely rest stop is a fitting tribute to its namesake, Randolph Collier, who is now known as “The Father of Freeways” for his efforts in1948 to modernize roads.”

“For over 30 years I have traveled Southern, Central and Northern California. Hands down, this is the cleanest rest area I have ever been to!”

Below, I’ve also included an Official California Transportation list of Roadside Rest Area Locations for your convenience. An excellent zoom in zoom out map to locate a rest stop near you!


Safe and Healthy Travels! 🙂

Did You Know …

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