Royal Canadian Pacific Luxury Train Travel

Royal Canadian Pacific Luxury Train Travel

Post Last Modified – June 17, 2020

The Royal Canadian Pacific – Historic & Luxurious Canadian Train Travel

If you are as interested in Train Travel and the History of Rail Travel in Canada as I am, then you’re definitely going to want to take a closer look at this beautiful and historic passenger rail service. This is definitely Canadian Train Travel at its best!

All Aboard The Royal Canadian Pacific.

This luxury train welcomes visitors from all over the world to climb aboard and take a step back in time. At the same time, inviting guests to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the majestic Canadian Rocky Mountains. Enjoy rail travel at its best, all in pure vintage luxury that was routinely found in train travel of the past.

First, check out this great video on the beautiful scenery you can expect while enjoying a journey on the Royal Canadian Pacific.

World Class Trains – The Royal Canadian Pacific YouTube Video


Canada Rail Vacations

For many years, I drove long-haul transport truck part- time, driving from Vancouver British Columbia to Calgary Alberta, Canada. I always made a brief delivery stop in the small railway town of Revelstoke, British Columbia while on route to Calgary.

Many times while driving alongside the train tracks one one trip, I couldn’t help but notice this beautiful historic Canadian Pacific passenger train.

It was like looking into the past in Canadian Train Travel!

Here, stopped on the tracks was a completely restored passenger train with cars dating back to the early 1900’s. These rail cars were attached to a 1950’s era locomotive, making the package complete! 🙂

These actual rail cars once transported the likes of Sir Winston Churchill, Royal Highnesse’s and many more distinguished guests over the years.  As a train enthusiast, I was awed and inspired by this spectacle before me.

I simply had to learn more about this historic train!

Luxury Train Travel In Canada On The Royal Canadian Pacific

Sure enough, when I got back home I did an internet  search on …  Canadian Pacific Passenger Trains.  I soon discovered this luxury passenger rail tour service that takes you on a number of exciting fine train adventures.

From one day dinner tours to seven day complete rail  journeys, The Canadian Pacific offers some excellent excursions operating out of Calgary, Alberta.

I can’t think of a better way to see the Canadian Rocky Mountains and its breathtaking scenery than on board a Royal Canadian Pacific luxury train.

Your Historic Train Journey Includes The Rockies Experience

There are a number of exciting railway tours available to choose from, such as the ever popular Canadian Rockies Experience.  A fabulous six days and five night tour through some of Canada’s most breathtaking scenery.

Enjoy such areas such as …

➡   Banff Alberta

➡   Lake Louise Alberta

➡   Crowsnest Pass Alberta

and so much more!

This tour was distinguished by National Geographic in 2008 as a

 “Tour of a Lifetime”

Check out these past passenger reviews on this rail experience;

“Comfortable, private guest quarters evoke a gracious, by-gone era, with beautifully restored fixtures and the modern conveniences that today’s traveler expects.”

“The Service team and professional host will accompany you on your journey and ensure, at all times, your safety comfort and enjoyment.”

“An Enriching Canadian Rail Experience”

“A treasure for the average person who dreams of splurging on a fantastic rail trip of this caliber.”

Your touch of luxury begins at the airport, transferring you to your train with a friendly welcome reception. On board you will  experience luxury like no other.  First Class accommodation, cuisine and much more are yours to enjoy on your train holiday.

Canadian Pacific Luxury Railway

Have a tour group, friends, clients, club members or other people that might enjoy a luxury Dinner Train?  Then look no further!  Step back in time and take the Royal Banff Dinner Train from Calgary Alberta.

This is an exclusive Private Charter Train Excursion offering second to none service on five beautifully appointed heritage business cars.


➡   Before dinner cocktails

➡   Hors d’oeuvres

➡   Wine tasting

➡   Fine dining prepared by executive chefs

Be sure to visit and get more detailed information on this wonderful train experience by visiting their website I have conveniently listed below …

➡   Royal Canadian Pacific

Their website is definitely worth a visit, giving you a complete history of the train, up to date pricing and itineraries, along with other travel information, all to help prepare and make your rail vacation complete!

A train trip of a lifetime!


Royal Canadian Pacific Voted As Top 10 In The World!

American Express Departures Magazine recently published an article on the World’s Top Train Trips and the Royal Canadian Pacific made the list. I definitely recommend you check out this passenger rail service.

It’s Canadian train travel at its best!

Safe and Healthy Travels! 🙂

Did You Know …

“70% of all train journeys in England either start or finish in the city of London.”


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