RV Camping Etiquette Tips [Good To Know]

RV Camping Etiquette Tips [Good To Know]

Post Last Modified – May 02, 2020

RV Camping Etiquette Tips That Are Good To Know

I received my copy of Motorhome Magazine in the mail the other day, and the editor’s comments for this issue dealt with RV Camping Etiquette Tips. Well, after reading this and what others had to say about this topic, I had no problems on thinking about what to write on my blog this week! 🙂

My wife and I have been camping for years now and have enjoyed all forms of camping. From tenting at the NASCAR races in Arizona, to luxury Glamping in our Class C motor home traveling all the way down to Baja Mexico from Canada.

We enjoy dry camping, boon-docking and full facility RV Parks when traveling. They all offer something special!

But below, is a story about what my family and I encountered on a summer camping trip a few seasons ago. At the time, it just left me speechless! The article in this magazine triggered my memory of this incident, and something that I just had to share with you. 🙂

New Generation Campers

RV Camping Etiquette Tips #1 – Know What You Are Reserving In Advance

My Story:

Here we were, 5 of us excited about heading to a very popular lake about 5 hours away from where we live in British Columbia, Canada. With boat in tow behind our Class C motor home, we were off to a campground on the lake that our friends had recommended.

With reservations made months in advance, we were looking forward to some fun and camping on the lake for a few days.

Well, we arrived at our destination to find the campsites crammed so close together, you could barely walk between each camper. Not my idea of fun! Luckily at the time, there was an open site beside us, so we decided to make the best of what we had.

Now the fun begins! 🙂

No Consideration For Others

RV Camping Etiquette Tips #2

So here we were, all set up and were off to enjoy the lake for the afternoon. When we returned to our campsite and not surprised at being summertime, a monster toy hauler 5th wheel had now occupied the space beside us.

They were towing their 5th wheel with one of those outrageously high 4×4’s with an exhaust pipe so big you could stick your head in it! 

I’m sure you know what I mean! 🙂

Well, outside of their 5th wheel trailer , they opened a side compartment within a few feet from us that displayed at least a 50 inch television with full surround sound speakers.

Out came their lazy boy chairs from the back of the truck, their propane gas fire pit and get this … a motorcycle handlebar replica blender! When they started the blender to mix their drinks, it sounded like a loud chainsaw running!


So, the television and speakers turn on with their satellite dish to a sports event. The blender fires up and huge fat cigars are lit all around as well. Remember, we are camping within an arms reach of these guys!

They all get very comfortable without any regard for any other campers around them, and proceed to have a gay old time into the wee hours.

Ok I get it, it’s summer time and we all want to have some fun, but is this really what you call camping?

It was so incredible, we all had to laugh and say …

“Why Go Camping In The First Place?”

Is this what camping in the great outdoors has become?  This is a true story folks! 🙂

So the next morning after a very late night, I decided this is not what we came for and expected at this campground. Especially when it came recommended to us, and what the website pictures looked like. 🙁 

I went to the manager and explained the situation to her. She apologetically refunded our money and off we went in search of a quieter place to enjoy our few days at the lake.

Luckily, we were able to grab a much more peaceful campground just down the road. My timing was perfect as they had just received a cancellation, otherwise we would have been forced to leave.

P.S. It made me wonder why I was leaving and not them? Hmmm … much too crowded and closed in for us anyway.

Things To Consider When Camping Among Others

RV Camping Etiquette Tips #3

Much of what was said and the comments in the magazine dealt with campers and their bright led lights placed on and around their rigs. This made me laugh, as it reminded me of a beautiful full facility RV Park my wife and I stayed at a few seasons ago in Indio, California.

Here was this Class A motor home parked, with so many lights on it lit up that whole surrounding area of the park. It even had a string of led lights wrapped around the entire motor home on the ground. It was like if someone stepped over them, you would be zapped with an electrical shock or something! 🙂

As one person mentioned in the magazine which made laugh so hard I nearly fell out of my chair;

“RVers go overboard to the point that the astronauts on the International Space Station can see their motorhome!”

I have to agree, decorative lights on your awning when sitting outside at night are great, but people tend to get a little carried away at times!

Camping Tips & Common Complaints

RV Camping Etiquette Tips #4

Here’s a list of some of the more common complaints that surface regularly about fellow campers.  Just a few things to consider the next time you’re camping among others.

Feel free to add your complaints and recommendations in the comment box at the bottom of this article. 🙂

Be Considerate Of Your Neighbors

RV Camping Etiquette Tips #5

Without a doubt, this is the Number One complaint I hear often from others campers, and which annoys me as well. If you choose to camp among others, then try to be considerate of your neighbors.

This includes music, loud talking and carrying on after quiet hours. Heavy campfire smoke blowing into your neighbors is also being inconsiderate of others at certain times when it can be avoided.

Camping is and should be fun for everyone. But if you choose to camp in public and private campgrounds, you need to be courteous of others around you.

Be aware of posted “Quiet Time” hours times in public campgrounds and RV parks. This leads me to the next major complaint received that I’ve listed next.

Using Generators In Public Campgrounds

RV Camping Etiquette Tips #6

We’ve had generators in our Class C motor homes and they do come in very handy at times. Recently though, we prefer our eco-friendly solar panel mounted on the roof, which are fantastic!

We have enjoyed camping out at the racetrack for many years at Phoenix International Raceway, and having the solar panel is great for keeping your batteries charged when dry camping for days on end.

Respect your neighbor campers and adhere to the generator permitted hours of use. For those with portable generators, don’t place them away from your unit so others get the full brunt of the noise and exhaust and you don’t!

It’s your generator and if you use it, you take the noise and exhaust fumes! Arrgggh 🙁

We also had a generator exhaust extendable pipe that vented the exhaust out the top of the RV. Many parks now require this in order to use a generator in closed spaces, which is great!

Interior & Exterior Lights

RV Camping Etiquette Tips #7

I’ve already brushed on this topic, but it is becoming an increasingly hot topic of discussion among others. Outdoor lights are great, but when using them, be considerate of others.

How many, how bright, and how long have you got them on for?

Leaving Your Garbage Behind

RV Camping Etiquette Tips #8

Please be green, eco-friendly and protect our environment by picking up after yourself. Don’t leave garbage around while camping and when you leave your site. This so much so, particularly if you are camping in remote locations.

Just clean up after yourself, take your garbage with you and dispose of it in a proper location.

There you have it!


These are just a few RV Camping Etiquette Tips everyone should consider, unless you’re out in the woods alone and only annoying the wildlife. Be pleasant and respectful of your neighbors when camping and who knows, you just might meet a new friend along the way!

Below, I’ve listed a link to the very popular Go RVing website. The link will take you to their article on Camping Etiquette in Canada’s Parks. This not only for Canada, but camping anywhere around the world.

➡   Go RVing – Camping Etiquette

Safe and Healthy Travels! 🙂


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