Ski Trip Vacation {Tips For Planning}

Ski Trip Vacation {Tips For Planning}

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Tips For Planning A Ski Trip Vacation

The thick of winter is here, and that means that avid skiers and mountain lovers are caching in their vacation hours now to enjoy fresh powder on their favorite slopes.

Whether you are a seasoned skiing aficionado or a first time snowboarder inspired by the upcoming winter Olympic Games, there are several important tips for planning a fun and successful ski trip vacation.

First, check out this short informative ski planning tips video from the Canadian Television Network.

CTV News Ski Planning Tips YouTube Video



Sport Specific Training

Ski Trip Vacation Tip #1

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Many experts will agree that the most dangerous run of the day is the very last one. After a full day of rigorous exercise swooshing down hills, it is often difficult to gauge your energy level, and easy to push too hard on the final run.

When preparing for ski season, training can produce a huge payoff once you arrive at the mountain. Some prime areas to focus on include …

Strength .. Agility .. Endurance .. Flexibility 

Increasing your physical ability will help protect your body. With a strengthened core and increased energy, you will also be prepared to handle longer days and maximize your fun throughout the trip.

Improving Your Ski Skills

Ski Trip Vacation Tip #2

There is one inescapable truth about skiing and snowboarding; the better you are, the more fun you will have! writes Matt Gibson for TravelGuard. Whether it is your first adventure on the slopes or a return trip, investing in a day of private lessons or ski school instruction can go a long ways in boosting the fun level of your entire trip.

Most slopes and mountain resorts sell packages which include beginning and intermediate ski or snowboard lessons, to prepare you for the mountain.

More seasoned skiers and boarders can improve on their skills through special ski clinics that offer coaching.

With additional knowledge under your belt, you can then hit the slopes on your own, to practice new moves and experiment with advanced techniques. 

Staying Warm On The Slopes

Ski Trip Vacation Tip #3

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An important step to ensuring a fun ski trip involves packing the right outerwear. When it comes to cold weather activity, layering is the smartest way to go. Start with a wicking base layer ideally made from wool, or a synthetic material that dries easily.

This will prevent cooling sweat from giving you a chill.

Next, build with a fleecy insulating layer. Finally, go about choosing a snowboard jacket that can serve as a waterproof shell with plenty of pockets and a protective hood.

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While warming your cranium and core remains the most important step for survival, keeping your fingers and toes toasty can help a lot in creating an enjoyable skiing experience. Select thick wicking socks to insulate inside your ski or snowboard boots.

Purchase gloves that don’t fit too tightly. Gloves or mittens with extra room in the finger tips will allow for an insulating pocket of warm air to be created by your body heat and enjoyed by your digits.

Selecting Your Ski Trip Vacation Accommodations

Ski Trip Vacation Tip #4


At the end of a full day of shredding powder and carving down the mountain, it’s time for a hearty meal and a comfy bed to prepare for tomorrow.

While staying at the ski resort can provide a fun atmosphere, many lodges or privately rented cabins can be rented on a budget, providing a relaxing retreat in your selected ski town. Be sure to check out another post here on selecting the right  Ski Chalet Vacation Rentals.

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You may want to search for a hotel room or cabin that provides a Jacuzzi or spa tub so that you can soak away any muscle aches and be prepared to go again in the morning.

Mealtimes are another consideration when planning out your mountain stay. Many skiers come prepared with power bars and other nutritious snacks to fuel them throughout the day.

Hydration is also key,so consider carrying a Camelbak water backpack with an easy to access tube.

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A filling dinner and protein packed breakfast are also important to provide the energy you need. Fortunately, mountain towns are often stocked with plenty of delicious burger joints and other dining spots.

Choose some carbohydrates at dinner to kick in as energy for the following day. Be sure to fill up at breakfast with eggs and other protein dishes to help sustain you.

With these tips in mind, you will be ready for a fantastic ski trip this winter.

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“Alpine Skiing Was First Run In The Winter Olympics In 1936.”  


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