Spending A Day At Bondi Beach {Sydney}

Spending A Day At Bondi Beach {Sydney}

Post Last Modified – June 27, 2020

Spend A Day At Beautiful Bondi Beach In Sydney

If you ask anyone on the street in Sydney for some advice on things to see and do, without a doubt, most will tell you to visit the world renowned Bondi Beach.  Much like Waikiki Beach in Oahu Hawaii, this beach also attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each and every year from all over the world.

Of course, having a love for the ocean and beaches, it was one of the first places to visit on our first visit to Sydney. “Bondi” is named appropriately and by Australia’s Aboriginal people and means … “water breaking over rocks or noise of water breaking over rocks.”

First, check out my short photo and video presentation on our great afternoon spent at Bondi Beach!

Bondi Beach Sydney Australia – YouTube Video


Getting To Bondi Beach Is Easy

Bondi Beach or Bondi Bay is located within 7 km from downtown Sydney. Getting to the beach is easily accessible by car or by bus. This district has a population of over ten thousand people and is known to be one of Sydney, Australia’s most densely populated areas.

Getting around Sydney is very easy. Catch a city transit bus, or travel around using rail transit. No need to rent a car if you prefer not to and battle congested traffic in and around the city limits.

If you are visiting as a tourist like us, and want to see some of the more popular sites, then I certainly recommend the Hop On Hop Off Tour Bus. You can purchase a one or two day pass and get on and off the bus at your leisure.

This is great way to get around the city and visit the most popular tourist attractions. We bought a 2 day pass and it was excellent! In fact, the Hop On Hop Off will take you right to Bondi Beach, with some great sightseeing along the way!

These buses are a great way to get around conveniently and to see the sites during your stay in Sydney proper. It seems most major cities around the globe now offer these types of tour buses. It’s because of their ever increasingly popularity for ease of seeing most major attractions.

We have used them in many cities now over the past few years and find them unbeatable for convenience and price. 🙂

Things To Be Aware Of At Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach extends for about 1 kilometer, with both ends completely different as far as swimming conditions go. It doesn’t matter what beach you visit in Australia, you must pay close attention to the warnings signs and flags posted.

This is for your own safety when entering the water at any of Australia’s beaches.

Believe me, we’ve traveled to many tropical destinations around the world over the years, and have never experienced currents as strong as in Australia!

Never take the ocean in this country for granted, it may cost you your life!

We love visiting new beaches and swimming on our tropical vacations. I can honestly tell you, the beaches in Australia have some of the strongest currents and rip tides that we have ever experienced.

We always paid attention to the warning flags posted on the public beaches in Australia. Lifeguards post these flags to indicate where it is best and safest for you to enter the water.

Even these areas at times, can be very challenging for even the strongest swimmers!

So always be on guard, pay attention to the warnings and never venture off into the sea where you should not be. These warnings and boundaries are set much like for snow skiers.

Those who venture off beyond the safe boundaries are the ones that most often run into serious trouble.

Surf Life Saving Australia gives hazard ratings to beaches in Australia, including Bondi Beach.

Watch For Warning Flags And Rip Currents

The northern end of the beach has been given a rating of 4 on a scale of 1 to 10. The southern side is rated at 7, much higher. This is because of a well-known rip current offshore known as the …“Backpackers’ Express.”

This rip current got its name because this section of the beach is closest to the local bus stop. For those who refused to walk to the other end, where swimming was much safer.

At most public beaches, you will see yellow and red flags lifeguards have posted indicating the safest place in the water at that time for swimming. It is important to stay within the boundaries of those flags!

You can still have a great time in the water at most popular beaches. Just take the necessary precautions and heed to the warning as we did.  A visit to Australia’s beautiful public beaches is a must!

For beach lovers, people watching, or if you’re just looking for beautiful scenic outing, then do take the quick trip out to Bondi.

For those looking for more information on this area, I have included a link to the Official Australia Tourism website below for your convenience.

✈   Australia Tourism


Safe and Healthy Travels! 🙂

Did You Know …

“The average Australian male drinks an average of 96 litres of beer per year.”


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