Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Airport Transfer Options

Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Airport Transfer Options

Post Last Modified – May 21, 2020

Numerous Bangkok Airport Transfer Options

As we began our fantastic holiday to Thailand, we made our first stop in the amazing City of Bangkok. We arrive at Suvarnabhumi International Airport (BKK) and search for our chosen Bangkok Airport Transfer.

After reviewing a few reputable travel websites prior to leaving Vancouver British Columbia  , we had  an idea of our options regarding types of transportation and fares expected upon our arrival.

We opted for a taxi to our hotel after very long and tiring delayed flights. It was well after midnight local time and we just wanted to get to our hotel as quickly as possible!

Getting a taxi at the airport is well organized and very simple!

First, take a quick look at this well prepared video on Bangkok Taxi Travel Tips.  Definitely a must if you are heading to this incredible City … Bangkok!

5 Tips For Taking A Taxi In Bangkok – Video

These tips in the video can definitely be helpful when taking taxis from the airports in Bangkok.

Travel Tip:

One tip I do highly recommend is to photocopy a map of your hotel or destination with directions written in the Thai language to pass on to your taxi driver.  Our chosen hotel’s website provided an excellent printable map with instructions written in English and Thai, that we found incredibly helpful on our taxi rides in the city!

Printable Map to Show our Taxi Driver

Check out my review of the Sleep Within Hotel, it was perfect for our 3 night stay.  The hotel was very clean, conveniently located in the heart of the backpackers, hostel tourist district.

It was a very clean, affordable hotel with a nice rooftop swimming pool. 🙂

Easy To Get Lost in Bangkok

A vast city that seems never ending and streets that give you a feeling of being trapped in a maze!  When you first experience this massive metropolis in person, you will then realize just how important a map of your destination can be.

With a population in the city alone of over 8 million, it’s easy to get lost in Bangkok!

Travel Tip:

Do check out transportation options before arriving at the airport like we did. It will definitely save time, money and stress upon your arrival.

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport Transportation

Our journey to Thailand and arrival to Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok was late in the evening after a wonderful flight with Thai Air International.  This flight was on time and the service was excellent!  I would definitely recommend this airline to anyone flying to any of Thai Air’s many destinations.

Unlike our first flight departing from Vancouver to Hong Kong. We had to wait for 2 hours in the plane prior to take off, as we were missing a pilot to fly the plane! 🙁

Upon arrival and proceeding through Customs, you have a number of options for transportation to and from the airport.

Metered Taxis

Airport Rail Link

Passenger Bus Service

Depending on your time and budget, these options are available 24/7 giving you a choice of transportation suitable to your wants and needs.

Transfers from Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok

Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok

Here are a few quick facts on this beautiful new airport located 30 kilometers just to the east of Bangkok;

Airport is pronounced … “su – wan – na – poom”

Suvarnabhumi was chosen by HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej which means ” The Golden Land “

Golden Land is a traditional name for the Thailand-Cambodia-Laos-Burma region.

The official IATA airport code is BKK

The airport is situated in Racha Thewa in the Bang Phli region of Samut Prakan province.  Suvarnabhumi Airport is 30 kilometers east of Bangkok.

The beautiful luxury Hotel Novotel Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport is situated next to the airport.


This is the only official airport hotel and was listed as one of the Ten Best Airport Hotels in the World (awarded at the Skytrax World Airport Awards 2011).

I have included a link to this luxury hotel for your convenience.

➡   Hotel Novotel Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport

As well, for more complete information on the beautiful Suvarnabhumi Airport and other Thailand airports, be sure to visit:

➡   Thailand Airports

Bangkok Airport Metered Taxis

Without a doubt, taking the colorful Bangkok taxis is by far the easiest and most convenient way to get to your destination after enduring your long flight.  Compared to North American or European standards, a Bangkok airport taxi is very affordable.

To use our family of 4 as an example, we were able to share a cab to the downtown Bangkok to our Hotel which was located near the  Grand Palace and the ever popular  Kao San Road  for approximately 700 baht total.  This included 2 highway tolls and a hidden airport surcharge fee.

Be sure this fee is included in your Bangkok airport transfer!

Airport Taxi Transportation Tips

After retrieving your luggage, you may be approached by those offering taxis, limousines, etc. Just be friendly and ignore these people and follow the large signs directing you Ground Transportation taxis, etc.  You will proceed down the escalator to ground level.

Proceed to the Public Taxis line up cues, where you will wait in line and proceed to the ‘Taxi Desk’.


Advise the person at the desk of your destination.  (Here is where a map or address of your destination comes in very handy!)  This is where you should be told what the fare will cost to your destination.  In our experience, the meter was used once and the other time we were just advised of the total cost to our Hotel.

Both worked out to within 100 Baht or so, no big deal.


Be sure of the total cost with the driver before leaving, including tolls and airport surcharge.

A typical 30 kilometer ride to Bangkok can take easily over half an hour and you should expect to pay up to 500 Baht total.  In our currency that equates to around $13 Cdn dollars.

Imagine what a 35 minute taxi ride would cost in North America!! Prices may have changed since our visit, but probably very minimal.

 Bangkok Airport Departure Terminal

It is that simple and taxis are readily available 24/7.  We found most to be very clean drivers friendly and helpful and the air conditioning most inviting once you step outside into the heat and humidity that Thailand is known for!

I certainly would recommend a Taxis for travel in Bangkok. They are very reasonable especially if traveling in a group of 4 where you are sharing the cost.

The Suvarnabhumi Airport Rail Link

For those not wishing to take Metered Taxis there are other methods of Bangkok airport transfers available for travelers. You also have the option of rapid transit via the Airport Rail Link.  The Suvarnabhumi Airport Rail Link began operating in August 2010.

The light rail service gives traveler’s quicker travel times between the airport and the City proper.


The service operates daily from 06.00 to midnight giving customers 2 Transit options:

Direct Express Train
The trip usually takes 15 minutes from the City Air Terminal (Makkasan) train station. This service will connect to the city’s mass transit subway system.

City Link Train
The City Link Train generally takes 30 minutes to travel the 28 kilometers (17 miles) to the airport. The train service makes normal expected stops along the way throughout the city.  The train links with both the Subway (MRT) and Skytrain (BTS) systems in Bangkok.

Rail service is definitely an option available for those traveling on a tighter budget and for people staying within close proximity of the boarding stations. From the stations you then have the option of continuing your travel using Tuk Tuks, buses and other forms of transportation if luggage is not an issue.

Bangkok Transport – Passenger Bus Service

There is one other form of Bangkok transport and that is using the Passenger Bus Service.  The Public transport terminal (Bus terminal) at Suvarnabhumi Airport was established as a way of allowing direct bus service to the international airport. All, without having confusion and congestion directly at the arrivals terminal.

The bus service is available just a few kilometers away from the airport terminal.A 24 hour express bus service links the Airport terminal with the Bus terminal. It only takes a few minutes on the express bus and they do operate every few minutes.

The Bus terminal provides clean washrooms, exchange currency banks, Thai food outlets and a large 7 Eleven store. From this terminal you have the option to purchase both intercity and metro buses tickets that operate from the Suvarnabhumi Airport Bus Terminal.

For more information on the Public Bus Service, be sure to visit:

➡   Bangkok Public Bus Service

As you can, it’s very easy to arrange and get Bangkok transport using Metered Taxis, Rail Service, Public Bus transportation, Limousines and Private Car service.

Safe and Healthy Travels! 🙂

Did You Know …

“According to the Air Transportation Association of America, about 1.8 million passengers are up in the sky over the United States on 24,600 flights on an average day.”



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