Thai Air Economy Class Flight {Review}

Thai Air Economy Class Flight {Review}

Post Last Modified – July 01, 2020

Our Thai Air Economy Class Flight Review

I thought I would share my Thai Air Review in Economy Class with you because of our wonderful flight we experienced with this airline. Our 2 flights were non stop to and from from Hong Kong and Bangkok.

Our journey originated from Vancouver, British Columbia Canada departing from the Vancouver with Air Canada, so I thought it would be neat to compare the two airlines and our flight experience.

First, have a quick look at this Thai Airlines promotional video to you started! 🙂

Thai Airways International Commercial – YouTube Video

Both flights with Thai Airways were on one of their beautiful Boeing 747 – 400 aircraft.  After flying from Vancouver British Columbia  to Hong Kong via Air Canada, the service reminded me of the days of old.

Remember when your economy class flight included hot meal service, alcoholic beverages, hot towel service and so much more?  Those were the days! 🙂

Thai Air – Airline Review

Smooth as Silk

True to the Thai thinking and their popular brand of  Fly Thai – Smooth as Silk, all passengers on Thai Airways flights enjoy the renowned service and wonderful Thai hospitality which has earned a reputation known all over the world.

I for one can attest to that! 🙂

The crew were all very professional and extremely courteous at all times. The service was outstanding and the aircraft and economy seating was comfortable and spacious.

Thai Air Economy Class Flight Review vs Air Canada

All though both are major world class airlines, I thought it would be interesting to give you a comparison of our recent experience flying with both on the same day in ‘Economy Class’.

Again, this is just my personal review and experience flying with both airlines on the same day and that I thought would be fun to compare!

Let’s have a closer look …

Thai Airlines
Air Canada
Check in counter experience
Flight on-time (departure)
On time
Greeting at aircraft door
Seat comfort (legroom)
Complimentary headsets
Complimentary newspaper
Hot towelette before meal
Clean blanket & pillow
Complimentary alcoholic beverages
Best meal quality and presentation
Very Good
Quality of Service
Very Good
Overall Flight Experience
Very Good
Duty Free On Board Selections
Not Available


In our opinion, Thai Air International won hands down! The service received from airline staff was excellent. The in-flight meals were served hot, well presented, tasty and both flights taken with Thai Air were on time.

Thai Airways – Exceptional Service Like Days of Old

Flying for the first time with Thai Airlines really did remind me of what airline travel used to be years ago.  All the little extras that were once standard and included in your flight experience that are no longer with most airlines today.

In order to experience this type of service today, one must travel either First Class or Business Class.

The first thing my wife and I noticed when we boarded the Thai Airways aircraft and took our seats in Economy was the amount of leg room there was in comparison to most other major airlines when traveling in this class.  My wife is 5’ 10” and her legs did not hit the seat in front of her!

With most others, she would always be cramped in her seat and knocking her knees in the seat in front. Hats off to Thai Airlines for not trying to add extra rows of seating!

There’s no need to search for those best airline seats in economy  with this carrier, economy seating is roomy.

With Thai Air you still get all the extras listed above included in your basic fare. What a pleasant surprise to be handed a free newspaper, hot towels before dinner, free alcohol beverages, meals served hot and fresh and service with a smile! 🙂

Reminded me flights we took when I was young with a Canadian Charter Airline called Wardair, where everything was included in your Economy flight!

Wardair Boeing 747

I would definitely recommend Thai Airways to anyone traveling in Economy Class the next time your travels have you flying to one of their selected destinations. You will not be disappointed! I can’t imagine what flying in First Class would be like!

Thailand is an amazing travel destination and country to experience.

I’ve also listed the Official Tourism Thailand link below to their website page for your convenience. It’s filled with excellent information on everything this beautiful Country has to offer.

✈    Amazing Thailand – Tourism


Safe and Healthy Travels! 🙂

Did You Know …

“The tradition of tipping waiters and waitresses arose in coffee houses. That that wanted good service and priority seating would put money in a tin labeled, “To Insure Prompt Service” – hence, the term Tips came to be.”


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