Tour Chichen Itza Like a Pro-The Ultimate 2 Day Itinerary and Cenote Guide

Tour Chichen Itza Like a Pro-The Ultimate 2 Day Itinerary and Cenote Guide

By day, the Yucatan is hot and sweaty, but the nights are absolutely magical. Start your evening with an authentic Mexican dish. We’ve already covered the quality and price point of dining at Mayaland, which isn’t a bad option. Another good choice is Oxtun Restaurant at the main entrance to Chichen Itza. They have a full bar and delicious Mexican food. You can relax, sipping your drinks, and wait for the sound and light show to start.

Chichen Itza has several evening options, which confused us a bit, so we’ll clear it up for you. The park closes in the early evening, about 5:00. After the park closes, they open up a special sunset tour. Then, after the sunset tour, there is the sound and light show tour.  It is a good idea to get your tickets ahead of time online or from your hotel. Pro-trip – it’s easy to get a free parking space close to the gates since you are arriving as the park is closing for the evening tours.

On the Sound and Light Show Tour, you walk as a group through the major buildings, all lit with colored exterior lights. Then you sit down in the placita and watch the main attraction, a laser light show on the grand pyramid, El Castillo. It’s about a 20-minute show with a synchronized audio track that explains the mythology and history of Chichen Itza.

Make sure you get your cell phone set up for the English simulcast if you don’t speak Spanish. If you don’t get the instructions at the start of the tour, then talk to one of your guides before the show starts. We missed that memo, so we watched and listened in Spanish. Even though we didn’t fully understand, we still enjoyed the show thoroughly.

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