Travel Insurance Tips For Purchasing The Right Policy

Travel Insurance Tips For Purchasing The Right Policy

Post Last Modified – May 05, 2020

Helpful Tips For Purchasing The Right Travel Insurance Policy

I’ve always said for years that if you can afford to travel, you can afford travel insurance. Below, are a few Travel Insurance Tips For Purchasing the right policy for your specific travels and current health.

It’s important that you know exactly what’s covered and what’s not when purchasing your insurance for travel. Let’s have a look at a few important things to you should take into consideration.

Selecting The Right Coverage For Your Current Health

Travel Insurance Tips For Purchasing #1

This is perhaps one of the most important things you must know and be able to provide to your insurance agent at the time of purchase.  It is especially so for us baby boomers and more mature adults.  

Do you have a pre-existing medical condition that must be disclosed?

This can greatly affect your coverage or depending on the severity, exclude you from any coverage at all. It’s vitally important that you check with an insurance agent to ensure you can be covered for your pre-existing medical condition.  

There are usually set time limits associated with this, so make sure you fall within their guidelines!

Coverage For Your Specific Travel Destination

Travel Insurance Tips For Purchasing #2

Depending on your intended travel destination, there could be travel advisories or restrictions in effect. These restrictions could be associated to safety concerns, political issues, weather warnings and so forth.

So it’s always good to check with your local government websites on any specific travel advisories for your intended destination, prior to booking your journey.

Tips For Buying Travel Insurance For Risky Activities

Travel Insurance Tips For Purchasing #3

This is something often overlooked by most everyone, and is especially important for those active and extreme travel enthusiasts! Depending on what you have in mind and how extreme the activity may be, you many not be covered for any medical emergency that arises.

You may have to add a special peril to your coverage if say for instance, you plan on Bungee Jumping, Sky Diving or Driving a Race Car! 🙂 

As an avid Scuba Diver, I always double check that my medical insurance will cover this activity when I’m traveling abroad. I know that many insurance companies require Scuba Divers to be formally certified in order to be covered.

Buying The Best Travel Insurance For Long Term Stays Abroad

Travel Insurance Tips For Purchasing #4

This is important, as it can possibly save you a great deal of money in the long run.  Do you travel multiple times of the year, or are you one of the lucky ones (Snowbirds) who possibly escapes to a warm destination for the winter?  

Then definitely look into an Annual or Multi-Trip Coverage with your insurance provider.   

We always purchase an annual plan to a maximum amount of days away at a time.  This saves us a considerable amount of money from having to purchase coverage for each and every trip we take.

Travel Insurance Coverage Tips For Baggage

Travel Insurance Tips For Purchasing #5

Again, depending on where you’re traveling to and if multiple flights are in your travel plans, then it may be worth your while to purchase baggage insurance coverage.

It doesn’t cost much to add this inclusion into your policy.  Should you arrive at your destination without your luggage, within hours in most cases, your coverage will allow you to purchase clothing and items needed up to a certain dollar limit.

Recently, we had a family member travel from the cold winter in Canada to a sunny and hot tropical holiday destination, arriving without their luggage in hand.

Not good when you don’t have your bathing suit or light clothing for a few days after arrival. Worse yet in the most extreme case, your luggage possibly becomes lost for good!


With the convenience of cell phones and digital cameras these days, it’s always good to take a picture of your luggage for insurance claim and tracking purposes.

A few seasons back, our son traveled abroad with his luggage gone awol. It took months for it to be traced and returned. That’s his returned bag many months later in the photo above! 🙁

When we’re heading on a tropical vacation, we always pack beach clothing and other items into our carry on baggage just in case!


Trip Cancellation & Interruption Insurance

Travel Insurance Tips For Purchasing #6

We all know when we least expect it something always seems to happen, and especially while we are away from home. Should you need to cancel your journey for a specific reason or have it interrupted for a number of reasons while traveling, then trip cancellation and interruption insurance can be very worthwhile should the need arise.

It’s definitely worth checking into for the small additional cost added to your policy, especially if you’ve spent a great deal money for your vacation!

In concluding, travel medical and other related insurance is vital when traveling abroad or elsewhere.  Should you become ill or injured while away, your medical and hospital bills could cost you thousands of dollars a day without any coverage.  

This is something you never want to take any chances with and be caught without when away from home.


Many credit card companies offer insurance coverage associated with their cards. In fact, for years now, we have had such a card that offers medical, luggage loss, trip cancellation, trip interruption and rental car collision coverage.

This is great, but do make sure you double check with your card provider exactly what is and what is not covered in their plan!

I always make sure I have access to their coverage and contact numbers on hand when I travel. I usually email all my important documents to myself for easy access if needed.  

Below, I’ve included a link to Pacific Blue Cross to their page on travel insurance purchase mistakes to be avoided. Just another good read for helping you select the right coverage for your travels.

➡   Pacific Blue Cross – Buying Travel Insurance Mistakes

Safe and Healthy Travels! 🙂

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